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Implant dental chair

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Implant dental unit

Imported leather sewing:

  1.7 years hydrolysis;

  2.Outstanding waterproof;

  3.Touch:soft,delicate,smooth,close to skin,with strong dermal feel


  5.Abrasion and scratch resistant, antibacterial and stain resistant, easy to clean

Multiple Angle adjustment headrest:Meet the needs of patients of different ages and heights. 

Saliva filter: Detachable filter for easy cleaning.

Mobile trolley: mobile electric lifting trolley, can be moved arbitrarily, locked. Convenient for doctors to operate,                               with independent electric lifting system.

One-key water, gas and electric switch: Close the water, gas and electric switch after the work is completed, avoid                                                                    the impact of water and gas pressure at night, and extend the life of the                                                                      pipeline.

Multi-functional foot switch: controllable lifting, leaning, blowing crumbs, mouthwash, flushing phlegm.

Double Filtration:Protect components and increase service life.

Tool Tray Water Heater:Provide warm water to handpiece and syringe in tool tray,reducing the irritaion to sensitive                                        teeth.

Emergency Braking Device:Handpiece working,backrest and seat locked automatic,effectiviely preventing                                                            accidental touches.

Polyether Pipe:Wear-resistant and stronger elasticity.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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