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Safe, high quality, efficient, reliable 90% parts self-developed self-production source master core raw materials. 50+ reliability tests in 7 categories.

  • Imported light source LED oral lamp

  • Imported leather sewing: thickness 1.2mm, improve backrest comfort, reduce back rubbing feeling

  • New four-generation slide chair frame: built-in slide, smooth lifting, cloud comfort, zero rubbing back feeling

  • Multi-angle adjustment pillow: to meet the needs of patients of different ages and different heights

  • Large-size stainless steel instrument tray

  • Ceramic spittoon: 180° rotating design, easy for patients to spit near the spittoon so that patients more convenient to use

  • Smooth drainage, water speed ≥4.5L/min, efficient drainage, removable spittoon, easy to clean and remove bacteria after use

  • Saliva filter: Detachable filter for easy cleaning

  • Multi-function pedal.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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