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Water Distiller for medical for medical for Dental clinic

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Tecnicals :
Model: Puro
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output: Over 6.5 Gallons per Day (26 Liters
Capacity: 4L
Maximum Upper Temperature: 110C
G.w. 6kg
Guaranty period: 1 Year

Multifunction Distillation Equipment
Water Distiller,Hydrolat Machine,Alcohol Distiller,DistillationEquipment.DIY Distillation Equipment.Applications: Medical/Dental/Homuse/Laboratory/BeautyAdvantages:
1.With ON/OFF Button 2X10A Fuse, safety machine.
2.With CE /ROHS /LFGB/FDA can sell to any market.
3.with LED Screen,can show temperature and control/adjust temperature
4.Detective The temperature by sensor ,more precise.5.can Setup Temperature Return Difference=TRD
1.when the Liquid is water,Throughheater heating the water to boilingpoint,then water change to Seatmthen use Cooling system,makesteam cooling to pure water,this process make the separationof pure water and impurities
2.When the liquids are 2 or morekinds of items which have differentboiling point. We should know thedifferent items'boiling point, then start to setup the machine.
1).Find the lowest boiling point liquid of the all liquids. setup the Uppertemperature and also TRD(2-5). Then startUrSTART/STOPto run the machine till the lowest boilingpoint liquid be distillationed,
2).Find another liquid which have more DOWNlower boiling point, setup as above.
3).Till all liquid be separated.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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