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Ultrasonic scaler

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  1. Precise setting of 10 power levels

  2. Touch button for easier operation

  3. ·Equip with two bottles,Automatic cleaning program

  4. Automatic frequency tracking system and power feedback.

  5. Sacling,Periodontic ,Endodontic functioncater to your distinctive needs

  6. Detachable handpiece,can be autoclavable at 135℃ for sterilization

  7. Optional for with light or without light .

  8. Equip with 8 pcs Scaler tips: G11,G4*1,G5*1,G6*l,P1*l,P3*1,P4*1,El*1


Scaler tip:

G1 Removal of supragingival depositsin all quadrants.

G4 Recommended for the treatment of interproximal spaces and for supragingival scaling.

G5 Removal of supragingival deposits in all quadrants.

G6 Recommended for removing voluminous supragingival deposits.

P1 Slim and sharp, recommended for cleaning and irigating of subgingival deposits.

P3 Recommended for cleaning and irigating of periodontal deep pockets.

P4 Recommended for cleaning and irrigating of periodontal shallow pockets.

E1 120° holded, used to hold the file diameter Φ 0.7mm or Φ 0.8mm.Recommended for the cleaning and irrigating of the root canal,usually used for the anterior teeth.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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