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Curing LED Light for Teeth

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Technical specifications

1.Dimensions: 33mm x 27mm x 206mmNet weight: 160g

2.Configurations: For details, see the packing list.Power supply:

3.Different power supply

4.Power supply is Rechargeable battery.
Rechargeable Lithium battery.Standard voltage:3.7V, capacity:2200mAh,battery model:ICR 18650, with protection for overvoltage, overcurrentand short-circuits.
Power AdapterInput: AC 100-240 V 50/60 HzFuse: T1AL250VInput power:5VAOutput:DC 5 V/1A

5. Features of LED light:
Watt high power blue LED lightClass: classl
Wave length: 390nm~470nm
Checking: LED light works under proper use
Optical effective area: 75mm2
LED Curing Light is applicable to some commonly-used resin basedmaterials in dental clinic.

6. Working condition
Environment temperature: 5C~40C
Relative humidity: ≤90%
Atmosphere temperature: 75kPa~106kPa

7. Equipment Safety Classificatior
Operation mode: Intermittent operation modeProtection type against electric shock:class Il, power supply insidethe set.
Protection degree against electric shock: type B.
Protection degree against inlet liquid: conventional equipment(IPX0)Safety in the case of flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen ornitrous oxide(not AP equipment or APG equipment)

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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