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  • Carbide Bur Guide Spindle: Long-Term Life

The precision-engineered spindle mechanism accommodates carbide burs flawlessly, guaranteeing consistent performance over the long term.

  • Contact Angular Bearing (Germany): Durability

At the core of our Dental Handpieces lies the robustness of German-sourced Contact Angular Bearings. These bearings, known for their exceptional durability, provide steadfast support for axial and radial loads.

  • Stainless Steel Head: Prevent Out of Shape While Dropping

The stainless steel construction acts as a safeguard against deformation even in the unfortunate event of accidental dropping, designed to remain in optimal shape in procedure after procedure.

  • High Precision Balance Test: Stable Operation and Quiet Performance

Every impeller undergoes an uncompromising precision balance test, ensuring that each impeller operates with utmost stability, significantly reducing vibrations and noise during procedures.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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