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CQ-217 Top-Mounted Instrument Tray

Standard equipment
1. High speed air turbine handpiece tie-in 2set
2. Low speed air motor handpiece tie-in 1set
3. Top mounted instrument tray
4. Three way syringe (cold/ hot) 2set
5. LED opearation lamp (sensor)
6. Emergency braking device
7. Prevent anti-suction
8. Double armrests
9. Dental stool 2set
10.Imported water pipes/ air pipes
11.Multifunctional foot controller
12.Adjustable headrest
13.Assistant tray
14.Pure water storage bottle
15.Disinfectant water storage bottle
16.Handpiece tube heating system
17.Double water filtration
18.Air, water& electricity on-off switch
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CQ217灯3 副本 CQ217灯2 副本
CQ217灯4 副本 CQ217灯5 副本1

LED Lamp

6 bulbs, blue light block-off function, with manuel and sensor switches.

CQ217下挂-头枕 副本


The headrest can be adjusted from multiple angles to meet the patient's range of use.

Top-mounted tray

With unique six-hanger and independent stainless steel tray, separate operation and use,

Effectively preventing accidental touches.

CQ217上挂-工具盘 副本

CQ217可拆卸痰盂 副本

Ceramic spittoon

180° degrees rotatable, easy to disassemble for cleaning and disinfection.

Suction filter

Removable, easy cleaning

CQ217上挂式吸唾过滤器 副本

图层 1

Double Filtration

Use double filtration to ensure safe water quality.

Assistant tray

Multifunctional assistant controller with five-hanger design, suctions can be disassembled and disinfected.

助手架 副本

CQ217椅架 副本

Chair frame

a new generation of compensation chair frame, using all-metal structure to make the dental chair more stable.

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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