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Dental chair use and maintenance guidelines

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牙椅使用及保养指引一、Dental chair use and maintenance guidelines

设备使用前准备工作Prepare the equipment before use


open the water and air switch, check whether the indicator light of the equipment is normal, and whether the water and air pressure value is in line with the relevant value.


Check whether the function buttons, dental lamp and viewing lamp of the device are normal

二、设备每次使用后的清洗 Cleaning the equipment after each use


After each treatment, the standard disinfection procedures are strictly followed.


After work, the total water, air and electric switch on the instrument tray should be turned off immediately, and the water, air and electricity supply of the dental chair should be cut off.

三、每日工作完毕后的清洗 Daily cleaning after work


Saliva suction cleaning: lift the strong and weak suction handle; Clean with clean water


Cleaning the suction cup: remove the strong and weak suction cup, remove the filter, clean up the medical dirt in the cup and clean it with clean water.


Tool tray dirty cup cleaning: take off the phone tube dirty cup, clean the dirt in the cup with clean water, replace the ditch or cotton.


Spittoon cleaning: Raise the equipment to the highest position, press the phlegm flush button, and make the water flow in the drain pipe for 60 seconds. Rotate to remove the sputum Meng and clean the surface with a soft brush.


Clean the surface of the equipment: wipe the surface of the equipment with water


Turn off the water 、air switch.

四、设备保养与维护 Fourth, equipment maintenance and maintenance


The water filter screen is recommended to be cleaned once every three months and replaced once a year:


The foot valve should be lubrized regularly, and the lubricating oil should be food-grade medical Vaseline;


It is recommended to periodically drain the water from the valve body of the ground tank large air reducing valve.

4. 箱体强弱吸唾过滤器与带开关强弱吸手柄需定期清理,以免影响正常使用:(过滤器滤网手柄朝上)

The strong and weak suction filter and the handle with the switch should be cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the normal use (the handle of the filter screen faces up)


The moving parts of the chair frame should be lubricated regularly, and the lubricating oil is recommended to use butter (except gas spring):


If you do not use this product for a long time, please raise the patient's chair to the highest level, drain the water in the drainage tube, and then lower the patient's chair to the lowest position, and cut off the boiling water, gas, and power supply. (The maintenance cycle is determined according to the actual frequency of use)

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