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2023 South China International Stomatological Exhibition

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Innovation / cooperative development / win-win future

February is the annual South China event.

Since February 23, 2023, Guangzhou South China Dental Exhibition has been held for many days, and the scene has been very popular.

Chuangqi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. made a grand debut with new products, and you are cordially invited to taste it.

Chuangqi Medica Equipment , as a leader in the oral industry, has been sending out advanced intelligent style in this exhibition for many days!

Guided by the needs of doctors and patients, we strive for excellence in product technology and details, and strictly check every process from R & D to production.

Needless to say, please always remember our booth number: 15.2 G10!

Chuang Qi. Founded in 1995 is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of Dental Units in China.

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